Terms of Service

By submitting payment to GreaterLife Publishing Services, LLC, (hereby named as “The Company”), you hereby are in agreement with the following Terms of Service:

1. EXEMPT FROM LEGAL ADVICE – The Company is hereby exempt from providing any type of legal advice. The verbal or printed information shared is merely the opinion of the Company. Any aspects of book publishing, the author’s contract, any outside source of publishing, or any other legal issue, must be handled and retained by the author’s legal council.

2.  NO OPTIONS ADVISEMENT –  The Company is not giving advice, but rather suggestions for your consideration. Because the editorial, formatting and design components are all critical aspects of your publishing projects. GLPS does not take final responsibility for the end process.  It is vital for the author to create clear and consistent lines of communication with these sources regarding any warranties, time frames and stated contractual claims of service. The choice of editors, publishers, designers or any other source whereby a printed work would come to completion is merely an opinion from The Company.  If there is any dissatisfaction, the author, rather than The Company assumes final communication with a view to resolution.

3. NO WARRANTIES – The GreaterLife Publishing Services, LLC website, and all other documents, special reports, free items, consultation, coaching, liaising services, etc. (collectively referred to as “Products & Services”) makes no warranty or representations regarding the author’s personal use and/or results of any Products and/or Services if used in a manner that is not appropriate, or out of compliance with its intended purpose.

4. DAMAGES – The Company is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, loss of profits, loss of information, loss of business data, or any other type of fiscal loss.

5. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT – The Company owns all of the Products and Services within the GLPS website and/or printed materials. Any unauthorized duplication or distribution of any portion of the website, or Products & Services, will be an infringement of the Company’s legally copyright terms.

6. EARNINGS PROVISO – The Company does not make any forecasts or estimates as to the amount of capital an author can make by publishing a book. All income sources derived from written works is based completely on the writer’s skills, sales talent and marketing initiatives.