GREATER LIFE provides two distinct services. Please contact us to determine how we can customize your options.

  1.  The first service is directly related to assisting new authors by providing a broad menu of publishing support to help you accomplish your goals.
  2. The second service is providing individuals,  leaders or organizations with Virtual Executive Administrative support; related or non-related to Publishing.




If you’re just beginning your journey, there is a tremendous level of comfort with knowing there is help to guide your progress. If you simply need someone to interface with the publisher, editor or design team until your project is complete, an Author Liaison is a great asset that can save you valuable time, while keeping your project flowing consistently.


Determining the best publishing model can be tedious. Having an experienced tour guide can help you navigate the often thorny terrain on the publishing landscape. GLPS has developed a great and valuble tool – the Publishing Assessment  Document (P.A.D.)™ that will help you chart the right course for the fulfillment of your publishing goals.


Perhaps you’ve begun the journey and you simply need the added motivation on how to build upon your gifts and talents. Since “clarity is power” GLPS will ask the principle questions to help crystallize your thoughts and map out your message.


In addition to personal coaching, GLPS can help identify a proactive in-house support team that can take ownership of your publishing projects. Utilizing personal growth tools, you can build a strong, energized team and determine the relational capital within your organization.


The Publishing Overview™ is the master document that determines your current publishing activities as well as future possibilities. It is targeted towards organizations that want to assess the viability of their media potential. Does your organization have a clearly defined mission statement and core values relating to your publishing aspirations?  Is there a general plan in place that is strategic, flexible and expressly written, rather than filed in someone’s creative mind? The creation of this document is the customized road map whereby all facets of your goals are explored, expressed and executed.  If your organization has never determined your media potential, the Publishing Overview is a highly recommended service.


Even if you’re not considering Co-publishing or Literary representation, an objective and professional manuscript review is highly recommended. A comprehensive, five-point written evaluation by an editorial team addresses:

  1. The interest level of your particular topic or theme.
  2. How well the material has been researched and written.
  3. How clearly and compellingly you have presented your subject.
  4. What will help increase the “marketability” of your message?
  5. Summarize what editorial revisions or structure changes are necessary to make your manuscript as strong as possible.


A major component of credibility and visibility with any book is the contribution of key endorsers. GLPS will help craft your endorsement invitation package that consists of a cover letter, book cover example, 2-3 sample chapters, and sentence recaps from all chapters. This package is grouped together for easy email transmission and timely endorser response.


For anyone who has published books over a number of years, recognize that print media can get lost in transition. The Status Report will provide a deep level search for all existing materials. This will include in-house contact, current publisher of record, remaining inventory and much more. This provides great value to an author in the event that a “rights of reversion” needs to be negotiated and publishing files regained for a future edition of a book.


All Publishing companies are not the same in their submission guidelines approach. The Guidelines Search provides detailed, accurate and time-saving information as to whether a publisher even accepts unsolicited manuscripts and what their requirements are before an author takes the time to present their manuscript.



These services fall into multiple categories, and can be combined individually or collectively.

 A.   Speaker Representation & Support

  • Facilitate existing and new speaker venues for Author
  • Website & Email set up
  • Creation of print media flyers & seminar content
  • Sales & Marketing calls

B.   Executive & General Admin

  • Community Relations
  • Short term special events and projects coordination
  • Guest Relations
  • Coordination of training and keynote events
  • Advertising
  • Website review and updates
  • Domain & SSL registrations
  • Newsletter creation and review of analytics
  • Calendar oversight
  • Database management
  • Social Media page set up
  • Coordination of email hosting
  • PowerPoint creation
  • Set up virtual phone system
  • Maintain all Account Passwords
  • Set up all hard copy filing systems (local clients only)

C.   Marketing  Production  Faculty & Course Coordination                                                  

  • Assist in short and/or long term strategic mapping for all marketing endeavors across all platforms
  • Serve Executive or Team Lead in facilitating administrative tasks, assignments and strategies
  • Facilitate production meetings, filming locations and equipment needs
  • Assist in course development format, Instructor communiqués, mission debriefs, marketing initiatives and project management
  • Synchronize with Director of Information Services on software implementation and website revisions

D.   Sales Support

  • Cover a broad spectrum of US accounts
  • Provided research for new markets
  • Participate with team members to introduce the organization at corporate gatherings