About Us

GreaterLife helps authors take their unique and relevant message from idea to market place by acting as a personal Liaison, Consultant, Coach, and Team Developer. Whether an author wants to publish a book, expand their media presence or develop an in-house publishing team, GreaterLife is here to help guide the process from concept to completion.

LIAISON:  You may have lived with a dream to publish for years, but do not have the industry knowledge or expertise to accomplish that dream. GreaterLife acts as a publishing liaison between the author and…1)  Publisher, 2) Editor, 3) Design Group and 4) Marketing

CONSULTANT:  Giving and receiving advice can be risky business.  Anyone searching for the best publishing model or expanding their current media presence needs to understand the shifting trends in publishing. After completing a quick Publishing Assessment Document, (P.A.D.),™ you can chart the right course for the fulfillment of your publishing goals.

COACH:  A great coach sees the potential of players and energetically motivates them to build upon their inherent gifts and talents. GLPS will ask the powerful questions to help you assess your passion for writing in order to leave a “mark”, rather than a “blur” with your specific story.

TEAM DEVELOPER:  Often an organization needs help to identify and equip a proactive in-house team that can take ownership of a publishing project. GreaterLife can assist with personal growth tools that help cultivate “esprit de corps”  as well as help strengthen the relational capital between your players.